Where do I even wanna start? When I race, I'm either a guy that people likes or the guy that no one even likes. I don't care what you say. I'm starting this page to let you know what I did as a racer/official on
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Me as a racer

roblox and what I do off roblox.

Racer on roblox[1]Edit

I onced raced a number that is famous, the #3. A ro-racer from Kentucky. I'm a really big fan of the #3 since I 1st saw Dale Sr. drive it. With his death in 2001, I turned to Dale Jr. And now the #3 is back! I get to live my dream to watch it race on the track once again! Won 6 times in my Career and the 6th win will probably be my last 

Ro-Racing RetirementEdit

After a rough career with only 6 wins and 0 championships, I'm a official, team owner and a Twitch broadcaster. I livestream races on Roblox and I livestream any video games I play. Wanna watch, chat and follow? Go here:

Anything else?Edit

I'm just a senior in high school playing video games, eating and sleeping. 

Yeah basically what I do when I'm not sitting on the computer.......

And yeah I know, my page is too short, oh well nothing much goes on.....