Labnjab suited up for RRCS Red Bull Racing.


Labnjab (currently TheOrangeCone on ROBLOX), also known as Alex Wheeler, nicknamed "The Best Ro-Racer of All Time" is the season 2 and season 3 Champion of OMFRA. His teammate Ultimatecracer (now iShortstop) got the championship the next season tieing with apcoolcharles and labnjab. Labnjab has to date 439 Ro-Racing wins and 20 championships in top series such as OMFRA, NDTEHS, RVCS, and more. This 16 year old New Hampshire native has truely mastered ROBLOX Racing. Labnjab started out Ro-Racing full time in the 2012 Season of RRCS which he still races in today. He won on his debut in the Bloxaide Duel #2 beating former owner g0h4n123. 

Teaming UpEdit

Labnjab has owned and ran on only a few teams in the years of his ro-racing. He first made Red Bull Racing for ROBLOX Racing Cup Series back in 2012, and he still owns the team which is looking for their first champion in the series. He then moved to Phoenix Racing shortly after the 2012 season but was abruptly stopped by Cdrom31 for inactiveness. Labnjab also ran for Phoenix Racing up until early 2014 when the owner g0h4n123 fired his whole team to get a fresh new start on racing.
Phoenix Pic

Early Pre-Season 2013 RRCS Phoenix Racing Labnjab 54 Z-Line Car.

This made Labnjab establish his own team, Labnjab Motorsports, which has expanded to many successful drivers. Such as his former teammate on Phoenix Racing Dacount123, who was a former Phoenix Racing teammate Trae66, and finally newcommer Ultimatecracer (iShortstop), who is finding himself as being a new sensation to ro-racing. In 2014, Labnjab is widely known all over ro-racing and #LabnjabNation goes wild for the legend when he goes through the fire and flames to carry on with another win.


Labnjab has pretty much hung up the steering wheel. The 20-time champion has cut back on the series he is in, and is taking it slower. He has been in the sport for a long time and he has found different racing games and leagues to be a part of.

Outside of OMFRAEdit

RobloxScreenShot05182014 210728193

Labnjab Wins at Big Diamond Opener Night.

Labnjab owns the most successful hatchback racing series known as MDRS (Mountain Dew Racing Series). He also will be owning two other up-coming series over the 2014 summer. These series are called GASS (Great American Stock Car Series) and Sta-Bil Lawn & Garden Mower Racing Series. He's been known for owning comical series such as hatchbacks and now even lawn mowers. Labnjab is part of many series and can be found throughout the weekends on ROBLOX, and he is also on the game NASCAR Racing 2003 Season.