G0h PR Suit

g0h in his 2013 RRCS Firesuit

G0h4n123 (AKA G0h, David Lindenmuth) is a mid-pack driver, car builder, suit maker, and team owner. He is currently under contract to create OMFRA's Premier Level stock cars, aswell as make firesuits for drivers at request. Making his first Pro-Circuit start in RRCS in 2012, he has earned 12 wins as a driver, and 40+ as a team owner, aswell as 2 owner's championships.


G0h began racing in OMFRA in the #51 Verizon Dodge Charger, in S2 under the OMFRA Banner. He entered late in the season, and came up just short of competing for a championship at the season ending Watkins Glen event. With new car models for the S3, g0h took the win in the season opening Bloxiade Duel, bringing his new Verizon Challenger to Victory Lane. That was his best run of the season, as his primary focus was on running his series, the ROBLOX Verizon Cup Series.

S4 brought the first g0h made car in OMFRA, the S3 COT. Mixed opnions hovered about the looks of the cars, but most agreed they raced well. g0h didn't attempt very many races that season.

S5 brought another new car, and a new sponsor for the team. G0h attempted the season opener AMF 500, piloting the #78 Akron Zips Dodge Avenger, alongside #51PA boxdigger and #71PA telcasticshadow. Mazdampv joined the team mid-season, replacing a released telcasticshadow. Maz earned 2 wins in his first 2 starts with the team.

Currently, g0h has not made any OMFRA Starts since his AMF 500 attempt, but, is looking

g0h in Victory Lane

to enter an OMFRA Event in the near future. G0h has already developed the Stanley Tools Secondary Series and OMFRA Season 6 race cars.

Outside of OMFRAEdit

G0h4n123 has had some success on the track outside of OMFRA, racing in the RRCS in 2012, aswell as MDRS and NDTEHS in 2013. G0h has 11 Driver wins, aswell as 32 Team Owner wins, and 2 Team Owner Championships from his team, Phoenix Racing.

G0h made his first career Pro-Circuit start in February of 2012, in the RRCS Bloxiade Duel, finishing 2nd to Labnjab. It took 4 months for G0h to score his first career win, on the dirt at Alex765's Lake Nose in the Kick Off Summer Dash. G0h finished 5th in the standings that year. G0h ran on an opportunity
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permitting basis in several series, including a one race stint in the NASCAR National Guard Cup Series, operated by nascar76090 at the time. G0h didn't run full-time in a series again until the 2013 Mountain Dew Racing Series, run by Labnjab. He mostly start-and-parked that year, in the #51 Shenandoah Valley Blue Devils Dodge Caliber.