TheSparkleCone (formerly known as Daytona2090) in his orange cone racing suit, made by himself.

Daytona2090 (currently known as TheSparkleCone) is a hot-headed type of driver, who also goes by the name, George Tolsma, and races every race to the final flag that ends it all. Day, as he is called, tends to see every mistake a driver makes, that causes him to wreck as an act of aggression, and procceeds to follow it with his own acts of aggression. Day has won the Season 1 Championship of RDTRA, and Seasons 1 & 2 of MDRS. He came up short in the Championship hunt for RRCS, finishing 3rd, by 1 point to Rambocommando, 2nd, and a large amount to the champion, Elfernandez. He is currently indefinitely suspended, with no chance for an appeal from OMFRA Board of Directors. 

Involvement in OMFRAEdit

Daytona2090 has shifted position all around. Upon the start of his OMFRA involvement, he had started by 

Win 9, OMFRA Exhibition, AMF 500

Daytona2090's only OMFRA sanctioned win, during an Exhibition Event at Dylanbusch.

spotter looking for a driver to spot for. This lead to his long time friendship with Labnjab, Alex Wheeler, when he spotted for him in his RVCS Championship winning season. Daytona later shifted his eyes towards winning for himself, trying out into Alex765's dirt series, and ran that until he had lost away from OMFRA. 

George went on to other series, and made his way into an exhibition event during the summer of 2013, which he ended up winning. He no longer returned to OMFRA until the end of 2013, the, which was the exhibition season. Here he showed his potential in the #51 Monster Energy Toyota Camry. He left after the 2nd race, when he had found out the series was a 5 race series, but joined back on the final race of the season. He is now a team owner in 

Lab Win with me as spotter

Labnjab wins with Daytona2090 as a spotter.

OMFRA, owning Tolsma Motorsports, which runs Kyle Busch Motorsports styled paint schemes. This season he will be running in the #54 Monster Energy Camry, tried, but never got a championship in one of the longest running series on ROBLOX.

Outside of OMFRAEdit

Daytona2090's prime time was his first ever competitive series race, which was the 1st event of RDTRA. This is where he showed he was ready to win, and hungry for it to. He won the 1st ever, and only, event of RDTRA, which then cancelled due to insignificant drivers. He then focused to his first ever full season in a racecar in the 2013, Season 1, Mountain Dew Racing Series, where he became the all time most winningest driver, with 2 wins in the regular season which came back to back, and then proceeded to win 2 more in the Chase, with a grand total of 4 wins. This propelled him to the Championship over AnStig, Tyler Campbell, who had no wins in the season, yet stayed consistent to make it a close event at the final race, yet, was barely surpassed by Wweandmariofan01, Trent Bradford, on the final race, a double points event. George now competes in a variety of different series, and in different stylings. With a current of 44 wins, of which are across Prototypes on roadcourse, Hatchbacks on both ovals and roadcourses, 2 dirt oval wins, NASCAR's top division, Cup, on ovals and roadcourses, and other various series. George won both the season 1 and season 2 MDRS championships.
RobloxScreenShot10262013 211330267

Winning the championship at MDRS S1.