Damontrell12, Formerly known as "damontrell", Otherwise known as PughDiePy is a British-American OMFRA Driver, Official, Tech Coordinator and Vice President. He owns the company that sponsors OMFRA's most prestegious race, The AMF 500. 

As a RacerEdit

As a second generation driver in the Stanley Tools Racing Series, damontrell12 started very hot, Winning his first top 3 in his 2nd race, but due to his inability to perform in races whatsoever, He finished behind in the point seasons. Only once has he participated in the AMF 500, In which he raced in his limited edition #13 AMF Car. He plans to race at least part time this season.

As an OfficialEdit

In the Forestry GPX Series, Damontrell12 was voted the "Most Hated Official of the Year" 2013, due to unbiased decisions and very strict track cutting penalties. In his career as an offical, He has thrown out a total number of 17 racers, Penalized 801 times, Caused 6 ragequits, Thrown 81 black flags and officialed 303 races. His most often call is Unnecessary Roughness, mostly when cars line up.

As an ExecutiveEdit

Damontrell12 started his executive career, not as an OMFRA executive, But as a leading sponsor in the Stanley Tools/OMF Racing Associations. In a mutual sponsorship agreement that hasn't been re-confirmed in the past 2 years, OMFRA and AMF continue to sponsor each other proudly. In 2012, Damon took his spot as a co-executive in the OMFRA Board Of Executives. At the same time, He officiated most races he had shown up to, rather than racing. In 2013, Damon stepped up to the role of Vice-President. Damon's 2014 contract has been renewed as Vice-President, for the second consecutive year.