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David Bachmans BCR cars / S5 cars

Beastman24244343 (Now Known as TheSteelPiston)Edit

Beastman24244343 (name changed recently to TheSteelPiston) also know as Noah Weikert would be considered a dirty racer. He loves to mess around with the officials, and make tempers flare. 

OMFRA CareerEdit

Beast although knowing about OMFRA for a while contemplated going to the series. He finally started his rookie debut in the last season of 2013 he will be running next season for himself in BCR (Beast Chassis Racing). 

BCR (Beast Chassis Racing)Edit

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Noah Weikerts racing team

BCR is owned by no other than Beastman24244343 (Noah Weikert). BCR Started in late 2013 and is currently running a car in 3 Series (OMFRA , NDTEHS , MDRS). Other racers that run for BCR are Racinghy he runs the 42 Car in OMFRA.
BCR 2014

2014 BCR