OMFRA's most prestigious race is the AMF 500. The AMF 500 is a race held at Dylanbusch Raceway once every 6 months. It is either 100 laps or 125 laps.

The 1st AMF 500Edit

In 2012, the first AMF 500 was held at a very early version of Dylanbusch Raceway. The race was 100 laps long, and started with 8+ cars. By the end of regular racing action only 2 cars were on the lead lap, as there was much lag. Traingreg dominated by leading almost every lap on the day. He only did not lead laps due to pit cycles. At the last green white checkered, prettycoolnascar was on the lead lap, with a shot at winning. By turn 1, Train had pulled away from the field and won the first AMF 500. This is the most dominant win in OMFRA history. This will go down as a groundbreaking race that showed how lag really made things unbalanced.

2nd AMF 500Edit

Less is known about this race, due to the fact this hasn't been uploaded to Youtube. This race had lots of hype leading up to the race. Weeks of qualifying,duels, and practices lead up to the green flag to open a season that would go uncompleted. Ryanracer4232 won the race after many redos of the finish. Much controversy followed the 2nd AMF 500, a race that you'd want to forget.

3rd AMF 500 Edit

The 3rd AMF 500 would be an exhibition race held in the off-season between S3 and S4. This race had about 6 cars start, and GeorgeTolsma dominated the race, earning his first official OMFRA victory. This would be the first of 2 wins for GeorgeTolsma in his OMFRA Racing Career.